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There are a lot of reasons in life we might need support. Maybe we’re at a crossroads in our lives. Maybe we’re feeling overwhelmed. Maybe we need an objective, supportive person to help us find clarity with a confusing situation. Maybe we’re seeking new support for something long-term. In any case, individual therapy offers you the opportunity to have someone to focus on your needs and be a supportive ally to you.

Psychological assessment services may be desired for a variety of reasons: diagnosis clarification, academic support, and workplace accommodations, among others. This comprehensive process is custom tailored to the needs of each individual, but usually includes a thorough intake, administration of psychological tests, and a thorough report and feedback by a psychologist. If this is something you might be looking for, several of our team members offer assessment services. 


What We Can Help With

Challenges and Concerns Addressed in Therapy

At Save Point Behavioral Health, our team members offer therapy for adolescents and adults for a wide range of concerns, challenges, and diagnoses. Some of them include:

Psychological Assessments

A psychological assessment can be an important investment in your well-being. In addition to providing diagnostic clarity, comprehensive assessments can help you better understand yourself, identify treatments that will work for you, and more effectively pursue your goals. 

Comprehensive assessments offered by clinicians at Save Point Behavioral Health can address cognitive, personality, and mood related questions. An assessment may be a good fit for you if you believe you may have one of the following experiences or diagnoses: ADHD, autism, mood disorders, and/or personality disorders. 

Save Point Behavioral Health offers psychological assessments for adolescents and adults (ages 8 and above) located in Washington state. With advances to remote testing in the last several years, many assessments can be done completely virtually, while others may require in-person assessment. Assessments are tailored to each client and referral question. Assessments include 6-10 hours of testing, a written report with diagnoses and recommendations, and a feedback session.

Currently, Dr. Elizabeth Kilmer and Dr. Amelia Herbst offer psychological assessments.

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Practice Information

Save Point Behavioral Health offers teletherapy to adolescents and adults in Washington State, as well as in-person psychological assessment services.

While the standard cost of therapy at Save Point Behavioral Health is $200 per therapy hour (53 minutes), we have clinicians of different experiences levels and specialties who have different rates, as well as some sliding-scale availability. 

To increase price transparency and support flexible, client-centered care, SPBH offers flat-rate billing for assessment services. Most assessments fall under our flat rate billing for assessments, with a flat rate of $4,000. Depending on the case and referral question, abbreviated assessments, with a flat rate of $2,500 are available. A free consultation call is available with the assessing clinician of your choice to discuss the best option for you or your child. Currently, Dr. Elizabeth Kilmer and Dr. Amelia Herbst offer psychological assessments.

Not at this time. Save Point Behavioral Health only provides teletherapy, which is offered for those physically located in Washington State. If you are physically located outside of Washington State, even temporarily, we cannot provide teletherapy services until you return to Washington State.

We offer teletherapy through a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software.

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required. The total amount of the scheduled services will be charged in full for clients who “no show” or fail to cancel their appointment with more than 24-hours notice.

We are not currently in-network with any insurance providers and do not bill any insurance plans directly. However, we can provide you with an invoice which may allow you to bill your insurance company for my services as an out-of-network provider.

Please contact your insurance company to ask about any mental health benefits, including out-of-network coverage and any possible limits to that coverage.

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