Serving the Mental Health Needs of Geeks and Gamers

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How We Do Things Differently

Save Point Behavioral Health began in 2018, and we provide evidence-based psychology services, but we do so with a bit of a twist. We put special focus on the mental health needs of geeks and gamers!

Why Geeks and Gamers?

Because gaming, fandoms, streaming, content creation, game-industry careers, and other nerdy hobbies and passions all have nuanced, unique joys and stressors that many other mental health professionals don’t understand.

All of Save Point Behavioral Health’s clinicians are deeply embedded in geek and gamer culture, and many of them also work in the game industry directly. We work from a perspective of honoring the strengths of geek and gamer hobbies, while collaboratively working to help our clients achieve their goals in a balanced and fulfilling manner!

What if I'm Not a Geek or Gamer?

That’s okay too! We might have our specialty, but we still offer the same, high-quality services to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have a favorite video game, tabletop roleplaying game, superhero, or any other geeky interest!

We work with clients' strengths and interests to help them meet their mental health needs in a balanced and fulfilling manner.

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